In SDH&H we focus on mitigating the effects of
or cultural and legal challenges that may be encountered by local
or foreign clients in transnational transactions and litigation.

Our attorneys are graduates of the most prestigious universities of the Dominican Republic and have postgraduate studies at reputed academic institutions in the United States of America and Europe. In the same manner, our team has excellent fluency levels in Spanish, English and French.

The Firm has members accredited for practicing law in the United States of America.

SDH&H maintains a constant work and collaboration relationship with prestigious international law firms located mainly in the United States of America, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, England, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico and Panama.

The combined experience in cases which involve multiple jurisdictions of the public and private sectors, bilateral and multilateral organizations and the constant participation of the partners in international transactions make SDH&H a law firm with an undeniable global vision.

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